Watch the trailer for upcoming drama movie ‘I, Tonya’

A trailer has been released for the highly-anticipated sport/drama movie ‘I, Tonya’ and you can watch it here. 


New ‘Twin Peaks’ revival still undecided according to co-creator Mark Frost

Another revival  would bring us the fourth season of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, and according to Mark Frost, a new revival season shouldn’t be ruled out yet. 

Cold Feet will return for eighth season, ITV confirm

The critically-acclaimed ITV Cold Feet drama will see a return in 2018 on the back of a very strong seventh season.

Why Should You Be Excited For 'The Kingkiller Chronicle' Movie?

Read the latest details on ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ TV Series

Showtime will run the highly-anticipated Kingkiller Chronicle TV Series, which we’ve got some new details to bring you. 

The official House Of Cards Season 5 Trailer By Netflix

House Of Cards will end with season 6 on Netflix

The huge Netflix political drama won’t continue past season 6 with House Of Cards, which began filming earlier this month.

Netflix will expand debt to $1.6 billion creating new original shows

In order to fuel its 2018 shows, global steaming service Netflix will be willing to delve into a deeper debt of 1.6 billion to cover the cost of production.

‘The Crown’ renewed through to season 4 by Netflix

The Crown will definitely return for a season 4 in 2019, following it’s not-yet-aired season 2.

‘Preacher’ renewed for season 3 by AMC

AMC have confirmed that its popular supernatural drama Preacher will return for a third instalment.

Watch the new trailer for 2018 crime movie ‘Den of Thieves’

A trailer for 2018 crime-action move DEN OF THIEVES has been released, and you can watch it here.

‘Beyond Stranger Things’: Netflix create after-show for the drama

Netflix has cooked an after-show for its highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things which goes by the name of ‘Beyond Stranger Things’.

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