Peaky Blinders Movie 'Probably' Happening, According To Creator

Peaky Blinders Movie ‘Probably’ Happening, According To Creator

The historical drama Peaky Blinders could end with a movie, according to the series creator Steven Knight.


Stranger Things Season 2 Ranks As Top US TV Show

Stranger Things 2 saw an incredible rise in ratings, and a huge growth in viewers, making it the highest rated TV show in the US. If there were any doubters about how successful Stranger Things 2 would be, they are all completely wrong now. News was recently bought […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Quiz – How Big A Fan Are You?

How big a Game Of Thrones fan are you? Take the quiz below! Will you be a fake fan, casual fan of a die hard fan? Take this quiz and find out. Buy season 7 here  Our other Game of Thrones content: Which Fantasy Books Merit The Game Of […]

Which Fantasy Books Merit The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Treatment?

With Game of Thrones coming to an end, which fantasy novels should be adapted for TV in order to fill the gap? We’ve created a list of the five series which would make the next huge TV show.

Watch the trailer for Daddy’s Home 2

Watch the newly-released trailer for upcoming comedy Daddy’s Home 2 which stars & Mel Gibson Will Ferrell. 

The game of thrones season 8 scripts and scenes will be among the most protected in television history.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 has been pirated over One Billion times

HBO fantasy Game Of Thrones has been pirated over One Billion times.

Amazon want a ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is widely regarded as one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time, so why re-create it? Amazon want to return us to Middle Earth once more for a brand new TV series. 

The Middle gets an additional two episodes to tell its final season from ABC

ABC have merited its long-running family drama The Middle an additional two episodes for its final season, bringing the total episode count to 10 for season 9. 

Andrew Lincoln Teases 'Big Deaths' In The Walking Dead Season 8

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 50? AMC seem confident it could last decades

Despite poor ratings in season 7 and now the highly anticipated All-Out-War season 8, AMC still seem pretty confident for the future of the franchise. 

’24’ reportedly getting another Spin-Off series from FOX

With FOX cancelling the first 24 spin-off series ’24 Legacy’ due to a mix of low viewership and poor ratings, FOX may have another crack at rejuvenating the franchise with another, quite different spin-off series.

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