Read the latest details on ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ TV Series

Showtime will run the highly-anticipated Kingkiller Chronicle TV Series, which we’ve got some new details to bring you.


Fan art from ‘The Name Of The Wind’

The kingkiller Chronicle is widely regarded as one of the greatest epic fantasy series of the last decade and has just released an absolutely stunning 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind, you can buy it here or if you have not already read it you can buy the cheaper original edition here.

Lionsgate vision that what they invest into the Kingkiller franchise, including the TV show could make it rival Game of Thrones, another fantasy series from HBO which is sourced from the series of novels by George RR Martin.

These Kingkiller Chronicle novels consist of ‘The Name Of The Wind’, ‘The Wise Man’s Fear‘ and ‘The Doors of Stone’ (upcoming). Rothfuss has also written a novella and a short story in the same world too, these are: ‘The Slow Regard Of Silent Things‘ (Novella) and ‘The Lightning Tree‘. There is also a companion tale ‘How Old Holly Came to Be’.

Last year, TV network Lionsgate acquired the rights to the series and has since worked closely with author Patrick Rothfuss and proposed Executive Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda to create two movies, a TV series and a game.

The highly coveted series will be bought to life in a television show from Showtime but won’t follow the adventures of Kvothe we all know and love, and have been waiting years to see end in the third book. Instead, it will follow the adventures of two performers as they travel Temerant. Also, John Rogers has joined the project and will serve as Showrunner for the TV show. Rogers is known for his work on: The Core, Transformers,  Leverage & The Librarians. Unfortunately this is all we know at the moment, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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