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The Last Kingdom Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix/BBC Two?

Has the historical drama ‘The Last Kingdom’ been renewed for a highly anticipated third season? According to recent news, it looks only a matter of time until a third season is announced.

From sources we’ve looked at, they suggest that BBC & Netflix will order new episodes ready for release in 2018. In a past interview with Bernard Cornwell who is the author of the books in which the TV series is inspired, he said that he is certainly writing at least another couple of seasons worth of material (Source).

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On more recent and interesting news regarding season 3, [Thanks to SpoilerCall] news has emerged that a casting call has been created for episodes 1 & 2 of the new season for a character who is aged between 22-35. The character must be disabled and is described as “a Saxon monk who cannot use his legs”. Thoughts? See an image of the casting call below:

The Last Kingdom Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix/BBC Two?

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Would Netflix and the BBC bother in casting new cast members if they were not going to make a season 3?

Synopsis: As a child, Uhtred witnessed his father being killed and the Saxon army defeated by invading troops. Danish warlord Earl Ragnar captured Uhtred and raised him in a Danish camp alongside fellow captive Brida, a sharp-tongued girl. Years later, Uhtred is a valiant warrior who is dealt another tragic blow when his home is deliberately set on fire, killing his surrogate family, including Ragnar. Now exiled — alone except for Brida by his side — he vows to avenge Ragnar’s death and reclaim his homeland. But, he must choose between his birth country and the people who raised him. If he is going to help birth a new nation and ultimately recapture his ancestral land he must walk dangerous path between both sides.

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  1. one of the best damn shows i have seen in a long time. i usually get bored with series but this want leaves me wanting more. i want to guess what happens but there are so many options ill just shut up sit back and enjoy.

  2. I have read all 10 of Bernard Cornwells books of the last kingdom and have watched both seasons many times All I care about is that there is a season 3 and hopefully many beyond that

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