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‘Vikings’ Will Venture To Russia In Season 6; According To Creator Michael Hirst

In the coming seasons of the hit drama ‘Vikings’ we’ll see our characters expand the world even more. It’s confirmed that Bjorn will visit Africa in season 5 – Russia in season 6?

We’ve had some big news come from the History channel in the past few days regarding Vikings. We have had official season 6 confirmation along with news that Lagertha actress Katheryn Winnick will take her first directorial job in season 6. We also have knowledge that season 5 will begin with a whopping 2-hour premiere. How excited are you? 

Throughout the years of Vikings we’ve seen them explore England and Spain, but it looks like the adventures won’t be ending there. Season 5 will definitely see Bjorn travel to Africa and Floki an Iceland.

Prior to season 5 even airing. Michael Hirst has already teased season 6 and what could happen in it, specifically speaking about a potential new land to explore, read what he said below: 

“It has just been announced that we are doing a sixth season. In fact, we are already prepping and we start shooting on Friday. This season we are going to go to Russia, because Russia is called Russia because it was formed by the rough Vikings”

It’s going to be great to see the Vikings raid Russia, but the adventures may not be ending there:

“We love going to different lands and countries. Last season, we went to Iceland and Morocco because the Vikings went there. It is always amazing to go into new worlds with the cast. It is very exciting time,”


Where would you like to see the Vikings visit?

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