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‘Sense8’ Star Believes 2-Hour Finale Will Meet All Fans Expectations

sense8 creator wasn't initially keen on 2 hour finale of the netflix show

Sense8 star Miguel Angel Silvestre believes the special will meet all fans expectations.

Since it was announced, fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the sci-fi show that was resurrected after cancellation for a two-hour finale episode following a petition that reached hundreds of thousands of people online.


The actor plays one of our favorite characters, a Lito Rodriguez on the Netflix drama. Speaking with THR, Miguel expressed how amazed he was when he first found out that the series will return once more for a proper finale. Read what he said below:

“It’s something that caught us by surprise. What are the odds? That is something very beautiful that has happened to us.”

He also revealed that he and the rest of the cast were expecting a whole new season until they heard that it was cancelled. Teasing the 2-hour special Netflix merited them, he said that the shows creator Lana Wachowski is currently writing the episode that will fulfill all fans expectations. It’s got to be better that a cliffhanger, eh? See below:

“We were all expecting to come back, and then they gave us the news. Then they gave us a rebirth [with the 2-hour finale special]. Lana is writing something that is going to fulfill the expectations of the fans, because they deserve it.”

The highly-anticipates special, which is basically a movie is set to air next year on Netflix.

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