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‘Kingdom’ Star Frank Grillo Would ‘Love’ Cancelled AT&T Drama To Return For A Season 4

‘Kingdom’ star Frank Grillo is sad about the ending of the cancelled AT&T drama, and would love to continue.

With popular AT&T drama ‘Kingdom’ now finished, and most likely not returning for a fourth season, star Frank Grillo, who portrays Alvey Kulina has stated that he’d jump at the chance to carry on the cancelled drams, stating he’d ‘love’ it in a recent interview with EW.

Although Grillo would love a return, he does admit that the final scene of the series finale ‘Lie Down in the Light’ was a perfect ending to a perfect series, an episode that got rated very highly online.

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Read what he said below:

“Selfishly, I would’ve loved to come back, but I think as far as the crescendo, the last scene with Alvey just sitting against a wall, if you were going to write an ending to a show, that’s kind of a cool ending,”

He continued to talk about why he’s happy for his character in the finale:

“I’m glad that we got a chance at least to let the audience know that Alvey now knows that he’s gay.”

Though it’s extremely unlikely that ‘Kingdom’ will suddenly be renewed, we’ll keep you updated on all of the latest news as it happens.

Would you ‘love’ a season 4?

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