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‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor John Bradley Believes Sam Tarly Death In Season 7 Would Be The ‘Ultimate Cruelty’

samwell tarly game of thrones season 7

John Bradley wants his character Samwell Tarly to survive going into the show’s final season. He would call his characters death the ‘Ultimate cruelty’.

Against all odds, fan-favorite Sam Tarly is one of the remaining survivors from season one to season 7 of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Actor John Bradley believes it would be the ‘Ultimate cruelty’ to kill him off this season, given the journey his character has had. Sam has killed a White Walker and is in training to become a maester. He’s also done a lot more, but let’s not go in to that. It’s fair to say that Sam Tarly is one of the good guys.

Bradley recently took part in an interview with CNET. In the interview, he of spoke the brutal way ‘Game Of Thrones’ kills its lead characters, and how his character is never safe no matter what. He said:

“One thing about this show, which makes it so unique is the fact that there’s no real logic to how people are going to die. Or if people are going to die. There’s no template. As soon as we kill Ned Stark in episode nine, then the audience knows that all bets are off. Conventional logic dictates that you don’t kill your lead in your first season, and “Game of Thrones” did that. Nobody’s safe. People can go at any time.

It could be the fact that Sam achieved all of this and then cruelly his life [is] taken away from him just before he gets a chance to practically implement all of his knowledge, which would be the ultimate cruelty.”

We last saw Sam in the season 6 finale where he entered the Citadel to begin his training to become a maester. Viewers think this could be an integral part to the story. Sam could have a huge part to play come the end of the show, given he is not killed off which is entirely possible coming from the actor himself, and the nature of the show.


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