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‘Twin Peaks’ Actor Kyle MacLachlan Promises ‘Everything Will Make Sense’ In The Second Half Of The Shows Revival

‘Twin Peaks’ star Kyle MacLachlan reassures fans that all will come together in the second half of the shows revival.

After 25 years of waiting ‘Twin Peaks’ has returned and is weirder than ever. We are currently in the mid-season break, which lasts two-weeks. Fans are eagerly anticipating the second half hoping all of the pieces will come together eventually. Actor Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Dale Cooper reassured fans in a recent interview.

He said:

“I think we all knew it was going to be a challenging journey for the audience, simply because it is 18 parts of one giant piece, and it’s sequential, so people really have to stay with it. And also that David’s storytelling is filled with imagery and different perspectives and characters and things that may initially be confusing to people, but ultimately everything will come back together and make sense. It will be clear. But it’s challenging, you know? The other part of that is there has been a real, complete love from a large part of the audience for this new direction of Twin Peaks. No one has ever seen anything like this on television before. That’s some of the excitement, I think.”

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Twin Peaks: The Return arrives back on screens July 9th on Showtime


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