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Pop Band ‘Bastille’ Reportedly Filmed Cameo For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Battle

HBO  fantasy GAME OF THRONES has a history of bringing in bands for cameos, with Coldplay’s Will Champion drumming at the famous Red Wedding, Sigur Rós playing at Joffrey’s wedding and Mastodon playing wildlings raised from the dead at Hardhome. Is it time to see Bastille?

It looks as if giant pop band Bastille are the latest act to have dropped in for filming, with huge GoT blog ‘Watchers on the Wall’ reporting that they filmed scenes for the final episode of season 7 at  frequent set Wolf Hill quarry in Northern Ireland this week. Watchers on the Wall have in the past been spot on with band cameos in the show.

Bastille and Game Of Thrones have crossed before with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the show appeared in one of their music videos.


Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in ‘Game Of Thrones’

Previous set leaks have suggested it’s a pretty big sequence being cooked up at Wolf Hill, involving many days shooting and over 300 wights (a reanimated corpse, either human or animal, raised from death by the White Walkers to act as their minions. Wights are often referred to collectively as the army of the dead, or simply as the dead – GoT Wiki).

Bastille’s Dan Smith was interviewed by Vogue, in which he confirmed that during their tour they will “get to check out the set of Game of Thrones soon, which will be wicked.”

GAME OF THRONES returns summer of this year on HBO.


All members of Bastille

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