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Trailer For ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Sets World Record For Most Views In 24 Hours – Over 125 Million!

The movie featuring Emma Watson is sure to become a Disney classic.

On Tuesday (16/11/2016) Disney studios announced that the trailer for their new movie, the classic story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ had surpassed 127 Million viewers (excluding China) in it’s first 24 hours of going live. This is a new world record.

The two previous records before this one was set by Disney were Fifty Shades Darker, which had 114 million viewers and Star Wars: The Force Awakens with 112 Million views, another Disney movie.

The trailer, released by Disney on Monday, provided looks at Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. The new footage of the live-action remake reprises moments from the 1991 animated movie, including the waltz between Belle and the Beast.

Other than the record, the trailer is now number one trending worldwide on YouTube and Disney also noted that May teaser trailer for the film generated 91.8 million — which broke another Disney-set record of  88 million views for the teaser trailer of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

This movie will release on March 17th 2017


Watch the record-breaking trailer below!



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