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The Walking Dead season 7 will be”Epic”, says creator Robert Kirkman

Negan The Walking Dead Season Seven 7

This week the creator of the hit AMC TV series was interviewed by the entertainment news website Entertainment Weekly.

The Walking Dead season 7 is vast approaching, airing on AMC on October 23rd 2016! Fans have now been long anticipating the fate on a favorite character, of whom we do not know. Entertainment weekly caught up with the creator of the comics, and executive producer of the show, Robert Kirkman, read the interview below:


Robert Kirkman said about the upcoming season – I mean, the word is epic. The show is expanding. We’re introducing the Kingdom, we already have the Hilltop, we’re going to be exploring more of the Saviors and the Sanctuary that they live in and more of what goes on around Negan, what his average daily life is, which is extremely interesting.

Robert Kirkman tlaks the walking dead epic season finale

Robert Kirkman

He also said on how the major death will affect the group as a whole – Well, seasons 1 through 6 have been about Rick and his group learning to live in this apocalyptic world that we’ve built, and by season 6, they’re extremely capable and they feel like they can handle anything. Even going into the finale you kind of see how almost arrogant they are in their abilities, and this confrontation with Negan just shuts that down completely and opens their eyes to how naïve they were — how they hadn’t really anticipated what could be out there and what they could be facing

Today’s Question – Who did Negan kill in the season 6 finale? Comment who you think below!

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