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Apple Event 2016 – Live Blog Highlights: New iPhone 7, Apple Watch and More!

Apple live event new iPhone An illustration of the Apple Inc. logo taken of January 30, 2015 in Lille. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Live Feed Below (Finished)!

Read through the highlights of our live feed from the Apple Event 2016. 


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Airpods Tech Specs

AirPods tech specs

Here are the Airpods

Apple Wireless Airpods


Apple are releasing a new version of Earpods, which are powered by the lightning port, confirmation that the headphone jack has been removed from the device.

Stereo speakers will be on on the new iPhone.

A picture taken with the iPhone 7 Depth of Field Tool

iPhone 7 depth of field tool blur image

10x zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus – The main reason for the two cameras!

The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras!

The iPhone 7 camera everyone!

Christopher anderson on iphone 7 camera

New Camera  – 12 Megapixel Sensor – New flash 50% more light, 4x More LED’s.

The new iPhone is water resistant!

Brand new iPhone 7 Home Button

Iphone 7 new home button

iPhone 7 first

The Apple Watch Series 1 Costs 269 Dollars

The Apple Watch Series 2 Costs 369 Dollars

The Apple Watch Nike Plus! Available in 4 colors!

The Apple Watch Nike Plus

The Apple Watch Nike Plus is for athletes. It has a specific design for runners. Features include a more stretchy band and more design improvements.

Apple partner with NIKE for the Apple Watch.

Build in GPS for the new Apple Watch, this is great! Expected though.

Very good that it’s swim proof. Ejects internal water from the speaker as well!

It’s the Next Generation of Apple Watch! – Apple Watch Series 2 – SWIM PROOF!

Apple watch series 2 swim water proof


Pokemon Go working on the Apple Watch!

Pokemon Go working on Apple Watch

Pokemon Go Coming To Apple Watch!


New ways to message  – stickers, animations, quick replies etc

Just showing off their figures as usual. They could release a piece of paper and it would be the best selling paper in the world…

Apple Watch – Maybe a new version?

Real Time Collaboration in action!

Real time collaboration apple keynote event

“Everybody Can Code” – Apple trying to help kids code.

An image about apple updating education on their systems. ConnectED.

Apple Education 2016 keynote event

Mario on iPhone! – Game called Super Mario run!. You can play it one handed.

Super Mario Run on IPhone



10.07 PDT – Random filler talk about Apple Music… get to the iPhone 7 stuff!

10.00 PDT – Bit of comedy from James Corden starts the event!

James Corden Tim cook Car Apple event

10.00 PDT – And it begins!

09.57 PDT – An image from the stream –

Beats One Apple Event 2016 image

09.54 PDT  – Getting close now! The stream is up and live and currently playing tunes found on Apple Music, their new-ish paid music streaming service.

09.39 PDT – The fact that Apple ‘could’ be removing the headphone jack as part of the new iPhone could be very risky, especially after they just spent over a billion on buying one of the biggest players in the headphone/sound industry, Beats. What would you say? Comment below! They need to have a massive pulling factor in store for us now they might be removing the headphone port, Bluetooth just won’t be good enough for the majority of customers.

iphone 7 no headphone jack

A good read for you before the event begins! – Informitv – Apple teases the future of Television



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