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Who’s Richer? British TV Star Quiz | DragonFeed

This list is based on the overall net-worth of the people in the quiz as of 2016.

Your answer will flash green if correct or red if wrong once clicked.

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The source I used to find the new-worth of these celebrities is here so give them credit for that!

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1. Russell Howard or Amanda Holden?
Russell Howard
Amanda Holden
2. Jimmy Carr or James Corden?
James Corden
Jimmy Carr
3. Olly Murs or Holly Willoughby?
Olly Murs
Holly Willoughby
4. Dermot O’Leary or Adrian Chiles?
Dermot O’Leary
Adrian Chiles
5. Phillip Schofield or David Walliams?
 Phillip Schofield
David Walliams
6. David Attenborough or Gordon Ramsay?
Gordon Ramsay
 David Attenborough
7. Paul O’Grady or Peter Kay?
Peter Kay
Paul O’Grady
8. Ant & Dec (As a pair) or Noel Edmonds?
Noel Edmonds
Ant & Dec
9. Gary Lineker or Jeremy Clarkson?
Jeremy Clarkson
Gary Lineker
10. Jamie Oliver or Simon Cowell?
Simon Cowell
Jamie Oliver

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