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Top 10 Longest Movies Ever! | DragonFeed

In this list I will showcase to you the top ten longest movies ever. This list excludes all experimental films and only features cinematic motion pictures.

Each film will have it’s running time next to it’s title. Hope you like!


1. Resan – 14 hr, 33 min




2. Out 1 – 12 hr, 53 min




3. How Yukong Moved the Mountains – 12 hr, 43 min

images (1)


4. Evolution of a Filipino Family – 10 hr, 47 min





5. Shoah – 10 hr, 13 min




6. Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks – 9 hr, 11 min




7. Heremias (Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess) – 9 hr

images (2)



8. Taiga – 8 hr, 21 min

(No image)



9. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery – 8 hr, 5 min





10. The Photo-Drama of Creation – 8 hr



Have you seen any of these movies?


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